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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
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Data pager
 Page 1 of 2, items 1 to 100 of 108.
Administrative Determination Review - ECD Board or CommissionRoom 201B  
Administrative Determination Review Committee Board or Commission   
Administrative Determination Review Committee - HHN Board or CommissionMilwaukee County Courthouse Room 201B  
Administrative Determination Review Committee - PE&E Board or CommissionCourthouse Rm 201B  
Administrative Determination Review Committee - TPWT Board or CommissionRoom 201B  
AMOP Review Committee Board or CommissionCourthouse Rm 3062 
Audit Department Department   
Behavioral Health Contract Advisory Team Board or CommissionCourthouse Room 306 Conference Room 901 North 9th Street Milwaukee, WI 53233  
Board Chairman Primary Legislative Body   
Capital Improvements Committee Board or CommissionRoom 203R8 
Capital Improvements Committee Temporary Workgroup Board or Commission 10 
Chapter 980 Temporary Committee Board or CommissionMilwaukee County Courthouse 901 N. 9th Street, Room 212-B Milwaukee, WI 53233  
Child Support Services Department   
Civil Service Commission Board or Commission   
Clerk of Circuit Court Department   
Commission Chair Board or Commission   
Commission on Aging Board or Commission   
Committee Chair Committee   
Committee of the Whole CommitteeRoom 203-R18 
Community Business Development Partners Department 1 
Community Development Department Department   
Comptroller Department 4 
Comptroller Research Services Division Division   
Corporation Counsel Department   
County Board (Department) Department 3 
County Board Legislative Assistant Department   
County Clerk Executive Office 1 
County Clerk's Office ClerkClerk's Office3 
County Executive Executive OfficeCourthouse Rm 3061 
County Executive (Department) Department 5 
County Facilities Planning Steering Committee Board or Commission   
County Treasurer Department   
Court Services Department   
Cultural, Artistic & Musical Programming Advisory Council Board or Commission 7 
DAS Capital Finance Department   
DAS Disabilities, Office for Persons with Department   
DAS Facilities Management Department 2 
DAS Risk Management Department   
DAS Veterans Affairs Department 1 
Department of Transportation Department   
Department on Aging Department 3 
Disability Services Division (DSD) Children's Community Options Program Board or Commission   
District Attorney Department   
Economic and Community Development Committee CommitteeRoom 201-B5 
Election Commission Board or CommissionCourthouse, Room G10 901 N. 9th Street Milwaukee, WI3 
Election Commission Division Department   
Ethics Board (Department) Department   
Ethics Board (Special Committee) Board or CommissionElection Commission 901 N. 9th Street Courthouse Room 307D  
Executive Council of the MMSD Board or Commission 15 
Fair Deal for Milwaukee County Workgroup Board or Commission 17 
Family Care Department Department 2 
Finance and Audit Committee CommitteeRoom 203R7 
Finance and Audit Committee - Budget CommitteeRoom 203R7 
Health and Human Needs Committee CommitteeRoom 201B5 
Health and Human Services Department Department   
HHS Housing Department   
Historical Society Department   
House of Correction Department   
Intergovernmental Cooperation Council of Milwaukee County Board or Commission   
Intergovernmental Relations Committee CommitteeRoom 201B5 
Judiciary, Safety and General Services Committee CommitteeRoom 201b5 
Labor Relations Department   
Law Library Department   
Local Emergency Planning Committee Board or Commission   
Medical Examiner Department   
Meeting Notice-Public Notice Board or Commission   
Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division Psychiatric Emergency Room Advisory Team Board or Commission   
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Primary Legislative BodyCourthouse Rm 20018 
Milwaukee County Council on Emergency Medical Services Board or Commission   
Milwaukee County Cultural Artistic & Musical Programming Advisory Council Board or CommissionMilwaukee County Courthouse 901 N 9th St Rm 201b Milwaukee WI 53233  
Milwaukee County Information Security Council Board or CommissionRoom 306 Main  
Milwaukee County Information Technology Steering Committee Board or Commission901 N 9th St Room 306  
Milwaukee County Land Information Council Board or Commission   
Milwaukee County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Board or Commission   
Milwaukee County Parks Advisory Commission Board or Commission   
Milwaukee County Pay-to-Park Workgroup Board or Commission 7 
Milwaukee County Task Force on the Mitchell Park Conservatory Domes Board or Commission 1 
Milwaukee Public Museum Task Force Board or Commission 11 
Minimum Wage Ordinance Workgroup Board or Commission   
New Behavioral Health Facility Study Committee CommitteeRoom 201B  
Office of Emergency Management DepartmentCourthouse, Room 3081 
Office of Government Affairs DepartmentCourhouse  
Office of the Sheriff Department 1 
Office on African American Affairs Department   
Organization of Affiliated Secure Interoperable RF Subsystems Governance Board Board or Commission   
Parks Department Department 1 
Parks, Energy and Environment Committee CommitteeRoom 201B5 
Pension Board Board or Commission   
Pension Study Commission Board or Commission 5 
Personnel Committee CommitteeRoom 201B5 
Personnel Review Board (Commission) Board or Commission   
Personnel Review Board (Department) Department   
Please Select ClerkClerks Office1 
Public Art Committee Board or Commission   
Purchasing Standardization Committee Board or Commission   
Register of Deeds Department   
Retirement Sustainability Taskforce Board or Commission   
Safety and Health Committee Board or Commission   
Select Committee on Deferred Compensation Board or Commission   
Task Force to Strengthen Milwaukee County Legislative Branch Board or Commission